I am a Russian artist recently graduated from New York Academy of Art.

  I recognize and glorify beauty that exists in all forms. People inspire me the most. I appreciate and celebrate differences in others, because everyone is unique. When I’m deeply impressed by someone, no race, age, ethnicity, religion, status and gender matters to me. 

  I dedicate my art to powerful positive images. Maintaining joy in expressing my vision is my state of mind in work. When I paint, I devote all of myself to the subject and feel an intimate connection with a model, who I fall in love with.

  In creating my artwork, I use traditional medium, like oil and canvas, and at the same time a contemporary approach for portrait genre. In bringing uniqueness into my portraiture, I use double vision effect as an allegory of searching for identity, as well as vivid colors as a symbol of prosperity and celebration of life.

  Being an artist is a huge responsibility. Every created image, the way it’s done, is a message to the World. By painting with passion and inspiration, using bright and contrasty colors, I make the World better.



Unbroken, 16x20 inch, 2019.jpg


Livingroom interior, 11x8.5_, 2017.jpg


Dreaming, 48X36_, 2019.jpg